Senior Full Stack Engineer

Brooklyn, New York, United States · Engineering


Maker’s Row, Inc is looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer. At Maker’s Row, we believe that our best product will be created with design, engineering, and product management in mind. You will be an integral part of the development process, helping to build new engaging features for our platform. You will play a critical role in growing our company, while having the tremendous opportunity to learn about production lifecycle management. For more information on Maker’s Row please visit:


Maker’s Row is a marketplace/ SaaS tool that connects brands find and manage American manufacturers. We make sourcing & manufacturing simple. We believe in the dream of entrepreneurs, designers, and small businesses, but understand how complicated the process of production can be. Our mission is to make manufacturing in the United States accessible, simple, and painless.

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Maker's Row is a small, but mighty, growing team. We believe in offering best-in-class benefits, fostering engagement and supporting each other.

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